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Fall wedding
Fall weddings are traditionally rustic and very warming in their overall appearance.
Fall wedding colors are most identifiable as being vivid, vibrant and balmy within the traditional wedding color palettes.

In keeping with the seasonal theme popular fall wedding colors include warming burgundies, claret reds, coppers, olive greens, and dark pinks.

There are many different ways in which you and your intended can achieve your fall theme at your wedding.
Here are some great ideas to help start getting you thinking about the overall effect that you might like to achieve on your special day.
Fall Wedding Ideas – Falling Leaf Theme

At this time of year the seasonal theme can naturally be represented through the use of the symbolism of leaves. Leaves are all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors, and are therefore very adaptable when it comes to using them as a theme for your fall themed wedding. For example you could choose to bundle reams of leave together as garlands to create a very natural style of decoration for your wedding venue. This theme could very easily be carried through to other elements involved in you special day, including the wedding cake decorations, the bridal bouquet, and even the table settings down to thinks such as napkins, candles, candle sticks and other similar fall themed center pieces.

Fall Wedding Ideas – Pretty Pumpkins

If you are planning a fall themed wedding then why not consider using the idea of pumpkins? Don't panic! Pumpkins don't just represent Halloween! Pumpkins are naturally beautiful and vibrant in color, and have many other uses than the traditional jack-o-lantern. You could consider using pumpkins as mechanisms to hold other elements at your wedding celebration, for example, using hollowed out pumpkins as holders for live pots of plants, baby trees, or live wild flowers. Hollowed out pumpkin can also be used to create moving water features as centre pieces for your fall themed wedding. For example, you could use hollowed out pumpkin skins to hold water and drop in beautiful floating candles and/ or pretty flower heads.

Fall Wedding Ideas – Wonderful Wicker

Wicker is a very adaptable and useful material that is often used to create a really strong feeling of "fall" at weddings. Wicker is adaptable as you can choose to use baskets to display flowers and fruit amongst other things as fall themed wedding decorations or fall themed wedding center pieces. You and your partner could also consider using wicker as a mechanism to display other elements at you wedding, such as entwined flowers or leaves. You could also use weaved wicker as a clever way of displaying personalized wedding favors for the guests that you have invited to hare in the celebrations on your special day. Wicker baskets on tables represent a very easy way for you to add an element of surprise and excitement to your event… think along the lines of bran tubs and lucky dips! You could incorporate treasure hunts or "spot prizes", or even think along the lines of a "bran tub" scenario where one or more of your lucky guests could win a prize.

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